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Your Guide to Men's Dress Shoes

Days are getting longer and the weather is warming up, that means spring is around the corner.  Transitioning from winter to spring also means it's time to put away the snow boots and switch to dress shoes.  Oxfords  are considered the most elegant type of dress shoe by many.  Oxfords have 3 main characteristics:

1.  Closed lace system (allows both quarter panels to close when laces are tied)

2.  Low heels

3.  Exposed ankles 

Use this guide to help you pick out your next pair of dress shoes. 

Patent leather Oxfords

The dressiest form of the Oxford is made in patent leather.  This shoe is worn only at the most formal occasions such as black tie and white tie events.


Great all around dress shoe, appropriate for the office, night on the town, and parties.  Oxfords look great with suits or dark colored jeans.  For the office, keep the style details subtle. For parties, get creative with bolder colors or patterns.    

Cap Toe Oxfords

The cap toe Oxford is the classic businessman shoe and is almost always worn with a business suit.  In some rare occasions the cap toe Oxford, in black, may substitute patent leather Oxfords with black tie attire.  The cap toe Oxford should never be worn with white tie formal attire.