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Death to the Blazer

Blazers certainly have their place in a man's wardrobe. However, if you're looking to freshen up your attire, ditch the blazer. Sometimes wearing a blazer can give off a "dad" vibe. Especially when paired with the dark-denim-white-shirt-brown-dress-shoe uniform. Try pulling together a look without the blazer to look modern and sleek. Scan through the images in this post for some inspiration for your next night out or date night.

An alternative to the blazer is a casual jacket, like a field jacket, bomber jacket, denim jacket or leather biker jacket. You can also wear a shirt with a graphic print to create interest in your look. However, if you do decide that blazers are your thing, try incorporating statement blazers into your wardrobe for a fresh take on a classic staple. The key to pulling off a blazer is fit. No boxy shaped blazers. Find a good tailor to help you size your blazer and ensure a proper fit. What's your go-to look?

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Stay stylish friends...

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