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Full Leather Jacket: All You Need to Know to Buy a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is an essential wardrobe item that is versatile, stylish and perfect for all seasons. Simply throw on a leather jacket over a t-shirt with jeans and boots and you have a cool, day-to-day look or substitute a leather jacket for a blazer and you've elevated your casual outfit. There are a number of styles from which to choose as well as different types of leather to consider. Pricing can range from a few hundred bucks to several thousand dollars depending on brand and quality of leather. Investing in a leather jacket is a good style move besides you'll get a lot of use from it. Save this post to use when you go shopping for your leather jacket.


Full-grain, suede, or shearling. Full-grain leather is the most common type of leather jacket, the quality will improve based on your budget. You can still find great options at lower price points under $500. Suede is a brushed leather mainly sourced from lambs. Suede is slightly heavier than leather but is still a great option. Suede isn't ideal for rainy weather but you may be able to treat it to make it water resistance, check the label before applying any product to prevent damaging the suede. Shearling is the skin from a recently sheared sheep, the wool is worn on the inside and the leather worn outside. There are even exotic leathers like alligator or ostrich, which are more expensive.