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Prints vs. Patterns

Wearing prints will make your style more interesting and noticeable. Prints and patterns mean different things but they are commonly used interchangeably. A pattern is best described as a repeating, geometric design like plaids, stripes or polka dots. Whereas prints are more abstract and less organized. It can be paisley, floral or an assortment of random splashes of color. Prints and patterns give you more versatility to create a unique style.

Choosing between a pattern or print comes down to deciding where, when and why you'll wear it. The place you're going, the time of day and the purpose of the event play a large role in choosing what you wear. For a function at work or similar occasion where you're looking to come across as subtly smooth, yet professional, a muted print is generally going to come out on top. The uniformity keeps things professional, but the shapes and colors ensure that your outfit isn't boring. Wear a striped dress shirt under your well-tailored suit with a solid tie for a formal look with a touch of character. However, if you want to make a strong statement, that's an area where prints have the upper hand. Prints give you more room to express your individuality and character - perfect for evenings when you're done with work and can focus on play. For a date night out on the town, go with a paisley or abstract print dress shirt and a pair of your favorite jeans to give a classic look a bit of your own signature style.