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6 Suiting Ideas for Wedding Season

When you're a guest at a wedding, dressing for the occasion is key. Being well dressed ensures you look appropriate and sharp (and camera ready for those pesky candid shots). The hosts have taken care in selecting the venue and attire so guests should honor their wishes. The wedding invitation should include the type of dress being requested. However, if it doesn't clearly state the dress code, a suit is always appropriate. Just keep in mind the venue, season, and time of day to make sure you get it right. Opt for lighter colors for day weddings and darker colors for evening. Black suits aren't suitable for weddings but a suit in dark grey or navy is perfectly fine. The exception to the no-black suit rule is a black tuxedo for formal weddings.

Common dress code request are:

Black Tie Formal - A tux, black bow tie, cummerbund and patent leather shoes.

Black Tie Optional - A tux or a formal dark suit and tie.

Semi-formal - A suit and tie, dark or light depending on the season and time of day. Nighttime usually calls for darker, more formal attire.

Beach Formal - A summer suit (breathable, light fabric) with a linen shirt (no ties required), linen pants and white sneakers or sandals.

Here are some suiting ideas to keep you debonair and chic for your next wedding.

Grey suit

A grey suit provides a neutral background that compliments a variety of color combinations. You can really play up your personality with an interesting tie, pocket square combination. Just keep the accessories subtle.

Blue suit

A blue suit in a shade of Navy, Royal, French blue or even Carolina offers a nice addition to the seasonal color palette typically found at weddings. Enhance your blue suit with accessories that further enliven your look such as a lapel pin, silk knot cufflinks or an ascot for a little flair.

Tan suit

Offering an alternative to grey or blue, tan is another neutral color that is dashing. It's a classic and tasteful color that will stand out in a sea of darker shades. Pair your tan suit with darker accessories to increase the color contrast.


A tuxedo in a tropical weight wool is perfect for a warm weather wedding. The lighter wool will retain it's shape even when the temperature rises and keep you looking polished. The other thing to remember when wearing a tuxedo is to keep the look formal, resist the urge to get carried away with bold accessories and accent colors. You can show your personality but keep the details subtle and understated.

Linen or Poplin

Perfect for beach or resort weddings, the lighter, breathable fabric of linen and poplin will keep you cool and classy. Given its casual nature, linen or poplin will wrinkle but it's perfectly acceptable and fitting for the relaxed environment of a beach or resort wedding.


As a guest, you have a little more flexibility with your wedding attire than the wedding party. Forget the jacket and go with a vest or skip the tie and wear a printed shirt with an open collar, you can still look dapper in a relaxed look.

Regardless of which style you choose, you can still look polished and put-together in a well-fitting suit that compliments your body type and personality. Remember tailoring is essential in getting the right fit for your suit. Pants that are too long resulting in pools of fabric bunching over your shoes makes you look sloppy. On the other hand – cropping your pants too short makes you look like you're wearing capris. Paying attention to where your trousers breaks is the difference between an outfit that shines and one that looks like borrowed clothing. Add tasteful accessories that enhance your wedding look and you'll fit right into any setting. Just be careful not to upstage the groom!

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Stay stylish friends...

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