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3 Shirt Ideas to Keep You Cool

Staying dapper when the temperature rises is a concern for many stylish guys during the warmer months. Dressing well doesn't mean you can't be cool and comfortable. There are a variety of ways to keep cool even in 90 degree temps. One way to do this is with your shirting, short sleeves allow airflow which keep you fresh and fashionable. Long sleeve shirts also work during the summer months but if you want to avoid dealing with the extra fabric and trying to execute the perfect sleeve roll up, leave the long sleeves in the closet unless the occasion calls for it. Here are some short sleeve suggestions for you to incorporate during the warm months.


Polo shirts are timeless and classic. The shirt is ideal for warmer weather and can be styled various ways. Polo shirts look best in an athletic or slim fit. The classic fit tends to have more fabric in the body than necessary. Also, the sleeves on your polo shirt should fall right at mid-bicep. Don't be afraid to try bold colors and balance out the look with neutral or dark pants or shorts. Avoid golf polo shirts, they tend to have logos and a larger fit that can be unflattering. Save them for the fairway.

Short sleeve

Short sleeve shirts that button up are also a classic look. You can really get creative with patterns and prints. Short sleeves are suitable for weekend errands or for a summer date night. Since you'll mainly wear short sleeve shirts during the summer months, feel free to go for fun prints that have personality--fun prints can be a great conversation starter too! UNTUCKit makes shirts that are meant to be worn untucked and are the proper length, check them out for cool shirt ideas for summer.

Short sleeve Henley

The short sleeve henley is a great alternative to the t-shirt. The button details elevates the appearance of the shirt making it a little more refined than the standard t-shirt. You can dress a henley up or down for casual occasions.

Honorable Mention: Baja Shirt

Another option for summer is the Baja shirt (also know as the Baja hoodie). The shirt was popularized by surfers in Baja California because of it's loose fit and practical use. The shirt is similar in style to an anorak jacket but the Baja shirt is breathable and lightweight. You can style a Baja shirt with jeans and a t-shirt for a crisp summer afternoon or wear it to the beach with your swim trunks. Baja shirts are made with chambray, linen or cotton. The lightweight style is perfect for warm days or cool, casual evenings.

Many shirt options exist to keep you cool and stylish. Select ones that fit your personal style and look good on you. Just keep the fabric light, colors bright and the length short. And don't forget the no-show socks and sunglasses to keep you looking and feeling cool from head to toe.

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Stay stylish friends...

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