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How to Style White Jeans

White jeans should be part of your summer wardrobe. In fact, white clothing is so stylish you can wear it beyond summer. Here are some things I bet you didn't know about white jeans:

  • White jeans reflect the sun which will help you stay cool.

  • White jeans give you an edge by helping you stand out in a crowd. Every other guy will likely be wearing dark denim, you'll get noticed in your white.

  • White jeans add texture to your outfit and relaxes the look of a blazer.

  • White jeans are one of summers sharpest style moves . You'll be comfortable and stylish in one simple step.

Pulling off white jeans is a matter of following a few easy steps that are foolproof and can make you wear white confidently, without being self-conscious. The perfect fit goes a long way when separating the stylish from the shabby. When it comes to white jeans it’s absolutely essential, as ill-fitted white pants can easily end up looking embarrassing. In addition to finding jeans that fit you, you should aim for slim fit pants with a small hem break, especially when pairing them with loafers or sandals during the summer months.

One of the key trends of the moment is tonal color (different tones of a color e.g. light blue and dark blue) matching and white is one of the easiest colors to blend in with your outfit. Let your wardrobe inspire you, while you strategically add pieces to your ensemble. Keep the three color rule (pick one primary color and 2 complementary colors) in mind and work with the colors that best suit your individual style and occasion. Choose darker shades for contrast and lighter to compliment the look i.e. a grey hoodie, with a black patterned T-shirt and basic grey high tops, would make for a hip street wear look.

There are occasions when white jeans are not appropriate like business meetings. White jeans look great when correctly executed. However, it’s worth giving some thought into when to avoid them. A crisp navy shirt, luxe sweater and a blazer is a safe bet to show off your white jeans at a formal event such as a wedding, graduation, or on a special date night. Go with a white t-shirt, grey fleece hoodie and a pair of sneakers for a casual dinner or afternoon beers, just as long as you are wary of stain-prone substances such as grass, red wine and awfully rainy days.

White jeans are a gateway color. In the summer you have the perfect opportunity to introduce color into your outfits. Wearing white trousers with a bright jacket and neutral shoes is a great casual look in the summer. You can also play around with different colored shoes. Let me know how you style your white jeans.

When summer is at its peak, break out your best pair of white jeans. There couldn’t be a better time to consider purchasing a pair since they are perfect for summer jeans. During summer, try to style jeans with a plain T-shirt and a shacket (shirt jacket). If the weather is nice and warm, just wear a floral print short sleeve shirt and the result will be amazing. The best shoes to go with white jeans during summer are casual sneakers, loafers or boat shoes.

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Stay stylish friends...

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