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Summer Style Inspiration

From rooftop cocktails to street festivals, summer is all about being outdoors. Summer weather can create added stress because often you’re wondering how to look good and stay cool. Lighter fabrics and lighter colors both serve to keep your body temperature in check when the heat outdoors rises. Here are some ideas and inspiration to keep your summer cool, stylish and confident.

Rooftop cocktails

Vibe: trendy, urbane, sleek

Patio brunch

Vibe: classic, stylish, fun

Music/Neighborhood festival

Vibe: cool, eccentric, hip

Movies in the park

Vibe: relaxed, cozy, funky

Beach picnic

Vibe: effortless, easy, natural

Date night

Vibe: trendy, dapper, tailored

Around town

Vibe: cool, sharp, carefree

Next time you go out, grab your best pair of sunglasses and confidently hit the town. Also, if you’re heading to a summer wedding, check out my blog post talking about wedding wear ideas suitable for warm weather. Thank you for reading. Please comment, share and like.

Stay stylish friends....

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