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How to Style a Tank Top

Tank tops often get a bad rap. Usually considered purely an undergarment that should never be worn as a shirt, tank tops are a perfect piece for summer. Lightweight, sleeveless and fitted tank tops are made for warm weather. Also, you can wear a tank top and not look like a bro. Here are a few ways to style tank tops for summer.

With shorts

Tank tops look great with shorts. It's a casual and effortless look that's not too fussy but still looks pulled together. Make sure the collar of your tank doesn't dip below your armpits to keep the look modern.

With Jeans

Tank tops pair well with jeans. Opt for a slimmer fitting jean and a slightly oversized tank to play up the proportions of your look. It's a fresh approach to wearing basics. A tank with a print or pattern provides an interesting visual cue.

With Joggers

For a sporty look, wear your tank with joggers and your favorite athletic shoes. You'll be the best dressed guy at the gym.


Sometimes you may want to wear your tank as a layered piece. Throw on a loose fitting button up to give yourself an ultra-casual look or throw a denim jacket over your tank for some added texture.


When you need to grab a bite at the beach café, slip on a tank top for a quick cover up. Style tip: horizontal stripes look good on most body types as it gives your look depth.


Want to go for a more eye-catching look? Wear a floral print tank top or extra long tank top. A bold style or pattern enhances your overall look and is an instant conversation starter.

Tank tops are a great summer staple. Make sure you wear a tank top that is intended to be worn as a shirt and not an undershirt. Look for cool patterns and prints to keep your tank top modern and current. Skip offensive graphics and slogans, wearing a tank top is bold enough. Tank tops look good on many body types. Find a style that works for you. Thank you for reading.

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