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For Better Fitting Clothes, Find a Good Tailor

Many outfits have been ruined due to poor fit.  Most guys aren't able to wear clothes right off the rack without making a few adjustments.  Clothing in stores is referred to as ready-to-wear and sold in standard sizing.  However, rarely are the items ready to wear directly from the shop without some tweaking.  Just as body types vary so does the fit of standard size clothing.  Typically adjustments are made to sleeves-lengthen or shorten, pants-lengthen or shorten, and suitcoats-take in or let out to accommodate various body shapes.  Some guys have broad shoulders and narrow waist, for example, and an ill fitting shirt or jacket will look boxy when it's worn.  

Even if the clothing is designated as slim fit or modern fit, minor adjustments may still be needed.  To ensure a proper fit, seek out an experienced tailor with whom you can build a rapport.  This relationship will be critical in ensuring that you always have better fitting garments.  A skilled tailor will be able to tell you what he or she can and can't alter.  He or she will also help you determine what's worth having tailored.  A good rule of thumb is to weigh the quality of the garment vs. the cost of the alteration(s).  

 Here a five considerations to keep in mind to help you find a good tailor.

1.  Ask a well dressed friend where they get their tailoring done.  Word of mouth is still the best referral system.  

2.  Ask for a recommendation from your local men's shop.  They may use an in-house tailor or they may farm this service out to a third-party.  In either a case, this is a good starting point in finding a tailor.  An in-house tailor may charge more for garments purchased elsewhere and a third-party tailor will appreciate the new business.  

3.  You can also search online for a tailor using your zip code.  Dig into the reviews and read what others have written, pay special attention to quality concerns.  Also, don't rely solely on online reviews.     

4.  Once you have identified a tailor, stop by their shop when it's not busy and have a chat with him or her.  Like most professionals, tailors enjoy talking about their craft and approach.  Feel free to ask any questions you feel are necessary to feel comfortable.  

5.  Avoid using the dry cleaners for complex alterations.  The tailor at the dry cleaners is usually better skilled at basic alterations. 

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Stay stylish friends... 

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