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Why You Should Wear Plaid

Plaid is a pattern you should incorporate into your wardrobe. Modern plaid shirts are cut slimmer and come in standard and nonstandard color combinations to appeal to a variety of tastes. However, oversized plaid shirts also look good when styled with streetwear. If you have plaid shirts in your closet and you have been unsure if you can wear them, now is the time to put them into rotation. If you want to update your plaid shirts to make them slimmer or shorter, enlist the services of a skilled tailor to repurpose your plaid shirts. Plaid looks good on a variety of body types so you're safe to wear it even if you've gained a few extra lbs.

Plaid is a box-like design formed by stripes of various widths running vertically and horizontally on a fabric. While plaid refers to the design, it's also used to describe flannel shirts, lumberjack shirts, and Pendletons. Lumberjack and Pendleton shirts typically have a heavier weight and can be worn as outerwear. Plaid shirts are a classic American clothing staple and epitomizes the masculine, rugged, outdoorsman archetype.

Plaid patterns can be bold, muted or classic like buffalo plaid. Think about where you'll wear your plaid to ensure your look is flattering and current. Layering your plaid shirt is a popular choice. Over a solid t-shirt or another button up shirt, plaid shirts offer comfort, style and versatility. Alternatively, wear your plaid shirt tied around your waist for a edgy, rocker vibe--you have to have the swagger to pull off this look. Also, plaid isn't just for shirts either, you can wear a plaid suit, plaid slacks, plaid jacket or plaid accessories.

Wear your plaid shirt with dark or light denim and boots or high top sneakers. For contrast, pair your plaid with a solid color to balance your look and give your outfit depth. Try a few different combinations to find your style and determine what looks best on you.

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