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A Suit Story

Every guy should have a great suit.  One of my favorite suits is a grey plaid worsted wool suit from Banana Republic's Monogram collection.  Yes, you can get a quality suit at Banana Republic.  The wool for this particular suit is sourced from the Marzotto mill in Italy and the silhouette is classic Italian.  The Marzotto mill is one of the oldest in Italy and is known for creating luxurious fabrics.  I purchased the suit featured in this article in 2013 while browsing online.  I was immediately attracted to the print, color and possibilities.

A great suit is one that is made from quality materials and versatile.  I've dressed this suit up with a white or grey shirt and tie for more formal occasions like weddings.  However, I think this suit looks best in less formal settings where a tie isn't necessary.  Here, I paired the suit with a simple black dress shirt and buttoned the collar to keep the silhouette sleek.  If you prefer to wear a tie, select a tie the same width of the lapels.  This will give your look symmetry and frame your face with balance.  An unbuttoned collared shirt can work too, it just depends on the vibe you're trying to achieve.  

I cropped the trousers to give the look a modern spin.  Finally, I finished the look with a pair of black loafers from GEOX.  With the cropped trousers, I can show off my shoes (and ankles!).  I decided to keep accessories to a minimum to highlight the suit and not distract from the overall look.  You could very easily wear the suit trousers separate from the suit coat to extend the use of the suit and create additional looks. 

For instance, pair the trousers with a white turtleneck and add a dark colored bomber jacket and loafers for a casual brunch outfit or pair the suit coat with a pair of black jeans and an opened collared shirt for a casual Friday office look.  The suit coat notch lapels are suitable for every occasion so you won't feel overdressed at the office.  Be creative and try different combinations to expand your wardrobe.  

What's your favorite suit? Let me know.  Thanks for reading.  Please comment, share and like.

Stay stylish friends... 

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