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Protect Ya Neck

"...coming at you kid, protect ya neck kid..."

- Wu-Tang Clan

I really enjoy getting dressed for cold weather and one of my favorite neckwear accessories is the scarf. It's an easy way to elevate your winter style and stay warm. Choosing a scarf doesn't have to be overthought. I think you should have a few options to complement your winter outerwear. My rule of thumb is a printed scarf should be paired with a solid color coat and vice versa. However, you can apply your personal taste and find a combination that works for you. The idea is to add interest to your look which makes you look stylish. For a sleek and modern look, wear monochrome accessories with dark outerwear in colors like black and navy.

Not only does a scarf serve a practical purpose of protecting your neck and chest from cold weather, it can also enhance your style. Scarves were originally worn by men in ancient times as a sweat cloth to wipe the sweat from their neck and face in hot weather. However, as with many items designed with a utilitarian purpose, the scarf evolved into a fashion accessory. Today, scarves are worn for both weather protection and style. Typically scarves are made from wool, cashmere, linen, cotton, polyester or other fabrics.

Wearing a scarf is as much about style as it is about function. Depending on the fabric, you can comfortably wear a scarf year round. During fall and winter, I like wearing a scarf with a blazer and gloves or underneath a coat. I prefer to wear the Parisian knot, it's a simple and easy way to add panache and can be easily untied. Another way I like to style my scarf is with the simple loop around, it's effortless and chic. Just as there are many scarf styles and designs, there are many ways to wear your scarf. I recommend trying a few different types of scarves with different lengths and thickness. You'll find that you'll have more styling options with a longer scarf with more ways to drape and tie.

Over time, you may notice little fuzz balls forming on your wool, cotton or polyester scarves. This is called pilling and it is caused by the friction of wearing your scarf around your neck and rubbing against your outerwear. You can minimize pilling by using a sweater-shaver or other tool that removes pilling. Use caution since heavy use can damage the scarf.

Let me know how you style your scarf. Thanks for reading. Please comment, like and share.

Stay stylish friends...

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