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Level Up Your New Year's Eve Style

New Year's eve is a great opportunity to wear that tuxedo tucked away in your closet. Whether your event calls for formal attire or maybe you just want to stand out from the pack, wear a tuxedo and add your own personal flair. Here I'm wearing classic black tie with a patterned pocket square for some extra personality. I paired the look with patent leather oxfords although I'm in the market for a patent leather loafer. I think loafers are a sleeker choice but laceups are classic. Extra style points for wearing a self-tied bow tie over a pre-tied bow tie.

Alternatively, you can wear a velvet dinner jacket paired with the tuxedo trousers instead of the tuxedo coat for a new take on a classic look. A velvet dinner jacket in a rich color like chocolate, wine, navy, green or camel add a modern and sophisticated touch to standard black tie. The velvet texture gives your black tie look dimension and the dark color provides dimension. For added style, wear a peak lapel versus a shawl collar dinner jacket. I purchased this dinner jacket from Express about 10 years ago and it still looks good. I brought it to my tailor for adjustments but otherwise storing it in a garment bag should keep it in good condition for years to come.

Even if your plans don't require black tie, you can still wear your tuxedo. Swap out the black bow tie and white shirt for a satin shirt. Here I paired my tuxedo with a burgundy shirt with a banded collar with velvet trim. To finish off the look, I'm wearing velvet dress slippers. Dress slippers are a menswear staple that goes back many years. Over the last several years they have gained popularity with both formal wear as well as some casual looks. Dinner slippers are versatile. Because slippers end below the ankle, I typically wear mine with no-show socks for a modern look.

If your New Year's Eve plans call for black tie or dressy attire, wear your tuxedo with a few tweaks to look stylish, modern and elegant. Keep in mind that fit is important. You'll feel more confident when your clothing properly fits. If your coat or trousers are ill fitting, take them to a tailor to ensure a proper fit. The shop where you purchase your tuxedo may offer tailoring. If not, the shop should be able to provide you with a recommendation. Or ask your well-dressed friend.

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Stay stylish...

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