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Menswear Trends at the 2019 Golden Globes

Yesterday at the 76th annual Golden Globes, held in Los Angeles, fashion and art collided. Specifically, guys on the red carpet ensured they stood out with bold colors, elegant tuxes, and trendy accessories. While the Golden Globes are considered a more relaxed affair when compared to the more austere Oscars, the men didn't let the casual nature of the occasion stop them from showing off their best style. Below are a few of the trends you can expect to see on the red carpet, and maybe on the streets, in 2019.

Impress with a harness

Appearing in the recent collections from Dior, Louis Vuitton and others, the harness adds edge and cool to a look by being fresh and unexpected. Here the all black ensemble is paired with a sparkling harness adding style and panache. Keeping with the casual nature of the occasion, the dinner jacket was ditched to give an au courant look to an accessory that will surely make tongues wag and fashion purists scoff.

Circle beats square

Not just for the California sun, round sunglasses add an air of classic cool to any formal look. Round sunglasses are flattering on a variety of face shapes and add depth and power to your look. Keep the lenses dark and the frames metal for a sophisticated eyewear accessory that strikes the right note.

Wrapped in silk

To add texture to your formal look, opt for a silk printed scarf. You can simply drape it across your shoulders or wrap it loosely around your neck. Keep the color subtle and elegant for a black-tie event. You can be more adventurous with bold colors and heavier weights when wearing a scarf with streetwear.

Capacious capes

Adding a touch of elegance, a cape is a dramatic statement piece that adds flair and style to your formal look. The sweeping flow of the cape will leave onlookers wondering who the daring person is that chooses to wear one. Confidence is key to pulling off this bold look with high style.

"Make a statement" jackets: metallic, embroidered, gem tones, and texture

Designers continue to push the envelope on the traditional dinner jacket. Adding color, texture, embroidery or metallic colors are just a few of the ways dinner jackets are getting a fresh update. Keep accessories simple and let the jacket make the statement.

What were some of your favorite menswear looks from the Golden Globes?

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Stay stylish...

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