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How to Style Camouflage Prints

Camouflage inspired prints are a prevalent style staple in menswear that isn't going anywhere soon. So much so that many guys have at least one item with a camo print (or they should!). The print has become so ubiquitous that it might even be considered a color to some, ha. The fashionable print can take a look from basic to bold. Inspired by the armed forces, camo inspired prints are popular among urban trendsetters. The transition from exclusively military use to civilian fashion staple began during the counterculture 1960s. For some, the connection to camo inspired prints can be considered a celebration or subversion of the military. Today, camo inspired prints appear in menswear in unexpected ways that encourage guys to give it a try even if they've been apprehensive about wearing it in the past. The eye-catching print is cool and modern. Given the variety of available colorways, you have many options beyond the classic green-brown-black color combination.

From blazers to briefcases and watches to shoes, you can easily incorporate the unique design of camo in your day-to-day wardrobe. The key to wearing camo is keeping it simple and not overdoing it. Here are few tips to nail a camo look.

1. Let the camouflage shine. Camo prints, in streetstyle, are designed to stand out especially in everyday wear. No need to overwhelm your camo print with other different prints. Competing prints will confuse the eye, look tacky and create confusion as to where to look. I recommend wearing one camo piece. However, some of the more adventurous guys may choose to wear multiple camo pieces as long as it is the same camo print.

2. Mix with solid dark and neutral colors. Camo prints look best against contrasting solid or neutral colors. Solid or neutral colors balance the camo print by adding depth and giving the eye a landing place. Add other fabrics to give your camo look texture and additional interest.

3. Incorporate accessories. Still unsure if you can pull off camo? Ease into it with accessories. Camo prints adorn many items from shoes, belts, watches, bags, wallets, pretty much any item can be found with a Camo print. Many designers keep a constant supply of camo printed accessories.

Whether you go bold with camo or keep it understated, the print is a great addition to your wardrobe and you'll find yourself pulling it out when you want to look a little unordinary. Even when camo prints aren't dominating menswear collections, the print still has relevance and is very much on trend. What do you think about camo prints?

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Stay stylish friends...

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