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How to wear Black Jeans

You've planned a night on the town now you’re  wondering what to wear.  You want to look sleek, modern and stylish. But you’ve worn your dark blue denim too many times to count and want to try something different. Besides, you want to  look polished and relaxed. What do you do?  Pull out your favorite pair of black jeans and slip them on.  Every guy should own at least one pair of black jeans.  Black jeans are a great alternative to the standard dark blue jeans.  This article will show you how to wear black jeans and give you care information to keep your jeans looking great.  

Wear Black jeans are versatile, they can substitute for dress pants or dark blue denim in many instances.  Black jeans are restrained and are always in good taste.  They make the wearer appear trim (even if you are carrying a few extra pounds) and add depth to your look.  Wear black jeans that have the same dark hue, avoid lighter washes.  Also, many denim manufacturers are incorporating spandex and other stretch materials in their jeans.  I prefer 100% cotton, however, some jeans with spandex retain their shape very well even after all day wear.  Brands I prefer are Levis, Fidelity, DL1961 and Joe's Jeans.  Prices vary but won't break the bank.  I prefer a slim or straight fit.  

Black jeans aren't just for evening, pair them with an oxford and blazer and you'll have a smart, casual look perfect for the office.