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Spring Break Style: Beach Vacation

If your spring break plans include a beach vacation, don’t stress about what clothing to bring. Below are some tips and ideas on what to bring and how to look stylish during your break.  After all, dressing for spring break should be fun, it’s a vacation. The key to a complete spring break wardrobe is versatility.  Having pieces you can mix-and-match will ensure you are always looking polished and may even mean you can possibly pack less.  When you pack for your trip, consider the following:

-What will I be doing during my vacation? Beach lounging? Some excursions?

-Do I plan to have a few nights out? Will it include dining at nicer restaurants? Dancing?

First up, bring along shirts with personality like the one below.  They add some interest to your look and can be great conversation starters.  Or go for a classic check print.  It's modern and stylish.  You can throw one on and leave it unbuttoned to wear to the beach or wear it buttoned for dinner later that evening.  Short sleeve shirts are easy but don't worry if you bring long sleeves.  Just roll those sleeves up and let those forearms show.

The model in the below image is wearing Converse All-Stars.  Whether you wear the high top or low top version, they are a cool shoe choice.  They look great with shorts or jeans.  You can dress them up or keep them casual.  Don't forget your no show socks.  Bonus: they also work fine for low to medium impact workouts while you're on vacation.  

Swimwear is essential for a beach vacation.  Try a bold pattern, as pictured on the model below, to add a little more style to your beach look.  Wear them with your favorite polo shirt or short sleeve button up and your ready for lunch at the beach cafe or a poolside happy hour.  Select a tailored pair that work in or out of the water.  Shorter swim trunks have a retro vibe and flatter many different body shapes.