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5 Stylish Spring Essentials

Spring is here! Finally. Time to put away the heavy coats and look forward to warmer days. Here are 5 spring wardrobe tips to help you get ready for spring and stay stylish.


Nothing says warm weather more than leather loafers. Loafers are a stylish alternative to Oxfords. They signal a relaxed but elegant vibe for any man on-the-go. The low profile of loafers can even make your legs seem longer. Don't forget the no-show socks once the weather really warms up. After wearing your leather loafers, let them air out overnight before you put them away. Genuine leather is breathable allowing moisture to escape. However, the insole and lining of the shoe can become damp with all day wear. Airing them out allows the shoe to dry and not trap in odors.


Spring also brings plenty of rain. Protect your outfit with a stylish, functional umbrella. Cheap umbrellas you can purchase at your local drugstore aren't going to cut it. Spending more on a quality umbrella is an investment in your overall wardrobe. Besides, once you spend more on an umbrella, you'll be careful not to lose it. Select an umbrella color and style that will compliment a variety of outfits from dress to casual. Determine if you want something that's compact and can easily fold away or if you prefer one that doesn't. The best umbrellas have either a metal or wood shaft and the canopy is made of tightly woven nylon or waxed cotton. For extra style points, pick a color other than black.