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Yes, you can wear denim-on-denim!

Wearing denim-on-denim can be done but it takes some thoughtfulness. Also known as a Canadian tuxedo, denim-on-denim is a popular combination that looks great when done right. Legend has it that in 1951, American singer Bing Crosby was initially denied entry to a Vancouver hotel because he was wearing head-to-toe denim in a matching wash and the hotel deemed the attire too informal. The hotel eventually made an exception for Crosby due to his celebrity. As a response, Levi Strauss & Co. immediately made Bing a tuxedo made out of denim and declared denim formal for any setting and the term Canadian tuxedo was born. In some parts of the US, we refer to matching head-to-toe denim looks as a Kentucky tux or an Alabama formal.

Head-to-toe denim looks have endured through the years and have become increasingly popular as denim has become a staple in most guys wardrobes. From denim jeans, shirts, jackets and hats it's easy to create a complete denim look that is stylish, modern and unique. Here are some tips to use to pull the look off with confidence.

Enhance It

Not with rhinestones, just embroidery, patches and logos. This will break up a denim look and give it some visual interest and prevent your look from appearing to matchy.

Contrast Light and Dark

Wear lighter denim shades up top and darker shades on the bottom. This combination looks better and is easier to pull off. Be thoughtful about the shade and washes of denim you buy in order to keep your look fresh and modern.

Basic Black

All black denim is modern and stylish and takes the guesswork out of trying to blend denim washes. Complete your black on black look with dark boots or sneakers.

Matching Top and Bottom

If you decide to wear the same shade or wash, break up the look by adding some contrast with a belt, or shirt. This will give the eye a focal point. Mixing in a sherpa-lined collared jacket is another way to break up an all-denim look. Wearing the same shade or wash of denim is risky but can be pulled off. Adding some distressing keeps the look interesting just don't over do the distressing.

What about white?

A white denim jacket is a great choice over blue or black. Pair it with light blue jeans and brown lace-ups or casual sneakers. Keep the colors muted and subtle. Other colors like grey or beige are great departures from matchy blue.

Denim Do's and Don'ts

  • Do vary the denim weight between top and bottom, especially if the shades are close. Stick with heavier jeans and a lighter shirt or jacket, instead of the opposite.

  • Don’t overthink the fit. As a rule, the jacket should be fitted enough so you can do it up, but short enough that it rests on your hips, allow your shirt underneath to separate the two denim layers.

  • Do play with proportions. Three top options are: a fitted jacket/fitted jeans, a boxy jacket/slim or fitted jeans, or fitted jacket/relaxed jeans.

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Stay stylish friends...

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